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Face Therapy Professional Multipurpose Mask Scrub – 7 ml

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IMPROVES SKIN DENSITY INTENSELY MOISTURISES AND NOURISHES DEEPLY PURIFIES FILLS DEEP WRINKLES SMOOTHENS AND FIRMS COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT FOR MATURE, DRY AND WEAKENED SKIN Innovative SOS Multi-Purpose Mask-Scrub, based on unique composition of active ingredients, perfectly cares mature, dry and weakened skin, restoring its vitality and beautiful, youthful look. Intensely moisturises, firms, tightens and makes epidermis elastic. Improves skin density and fills even deep wrinkles. Formula rich in active microgranules gently removes dead skin cells eliminating roughness and exfoliation. The treatment effectively nourishes skin, making it soft, delicate and with beautiful tone. Regular application of the mask restores skin proper density, visibly rejuvenates facial features and enhances facial oval. Active ingredients: bioHyaluron Complex™rich in hyaluronic acid fills in existing wrinkles, moisturises, smoothens and lightens epidermis. Matrix’6™– latest generation peptide, stimulates skin cells to self-regeneration and biological renewal. Fills even deepest wrinkles and restores skin density. Essenskin®, calcium and aminoacid complex, rebuilds skin and stimulates cell metabolism. Sea collagenmaintains optimum level of hydration and effectively smoothens skin. Intensely firms, penetrates deep into skin cells, filling them from the inside. Vitamin Eneutralises free radicals, restrains skin ageing processes. Grape seed oilregenerates, nourishes and makes skin more elastic. Protects against UV radiation and premature ageing.


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