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Men X-treme Intensely Whitening Cream

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Product Description

1. Whitens, lightens and evens out skin tone
2. Intensely moisturises and smoothes
3. Reduces shades and puffiness
4. Invigorates skin 24h
5. Soothes the feeling of contraction
6. Intensely tightens and firms
Innovative, ultra-light formula with delicate cooling effect, enriched with WHITENING 3D COMPLEX™ , whitens and evens out skin tone. Stimulates natural mechanism of regeneration, intensely smoothes and moisturises. Reduces skin imperfections caused by active lifestyle. Normalises sebum secretion and prevents skin shine. Whitening formula rich in advanced active ingredients:
WHITENING 3D COMPLEX™ has whitening properties, lightens skin and evens out its tone. Reduces discolourations without changing color of healthy skin.
TRIPLE FORCE X-TREME ENERGIZE™ technology based on caffeine, ginseng and chestnut extract, provides skin with triple dose of energy, increases oxygenation, nourishment and blood supply to the cells.
ENERGISOME Q10 stimulates cells metabolism and energy processes. Shows high antioxidizing action, delays skin ageing processes.
HYALURONIC ACID intensely and long-lastingly moisturises, smoothes and firms skin. Tightens and invigorates the skin.
HYDROMANIL™ increases skin resistance to external factors. Extremely moisturises skin cells, smoothes wrinkles.
Application: every morning and evening apply onto cleansed face and neck skin, avoiding eye area. Does not leave greasy coat.


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