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Moisturizing & Matting Cream – 75ml

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Product Description

SPECIALIZED MOISTURIZING CREAM, against spots and blemishes

• Long-lasting mattifying effect

• reduces pores visibility

• soothes irritations Delicate formula! Instant action ZINC + FAST-MAT complex.

Pure Control SOS the specialized moisturizing cream, thanks to its innovative formula based on zinc and active sulfur prevents the development of germ, regulates the sebum secretion process and actively prevents the appearance of new spots. During the day and during night rest, the cream stimulates the proper functioning of the skin, leaving it fresh, matt and smoothened. The mattifying FAST-MAT complex absorbs excess sebum, reducing the visibility of blackheads and soothing irritations. Cucumber extract moisturizes and delicately brightens the skin, helps to fight with blemishes. Visible results: fresh and matt complexion all day long reduced visibility of spots, blackheads and blemishes noticeable reduction of irritations.


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