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Sun Whitening Protection Cream – 50ml

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Active whitening care instant protection against UVA/UVB radiation non-sticky & immediately absorbing formula intense moisture. COLLAGEN FIBERS AND SKIN DNA PROTECTION, for all skin types. THE WAY TO ENJOY FAIR SKIN WITHOUT RISK OF DISCOLORATIONS: Whitening Sun Protection Face Cream is the innovative product combining sun protection with intense care and whitening. Non-sticky formula with active whitening complex protects and repairs skin DNA, giving it fair and radiant look.

HIGH PROTECT SYSTEM™ – photostable system of Latest Generation sunscreens extremely effectively protects skin against UVA/UVB radiation. Thanks to precious active ingredients with multidirectional action of the cream intensely moisturises and deeply nourishes facial skin, leaving it smooth and firm. Aldenine– active molecular ingredient – stimulates production of collagen type III, eliminates microinjuries on cellular level and protects collagen fibres. Whitening Complex– perfectly brightens, evens out and lightens skin tone. Prevents excess melanin production in skin and restricts formation of discolorations. Hyaluronic acid– ensures maximum moisture in deep layers of epidermis. Vitamin A, E, F complex– neutralises free radicals that cause damages in cellular DNA. Deeply nourishes and regenerates skin. Amber extract– rich source of microelements. Reinforces skin making it more resistant to negative influence of environment.

EFFECT: fair skin without discolorations, effectively protected against UVA/UVB radiation.


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